Chronic bacterial vaginosis the facts. Bacterial vaginosis can be without a dout one of the most unpleasant complaints a women can suffer. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal complaints and effects up to one in three women. However it is only a small proportion of these women that suffer chronic bacterial vaginosis.

bacterial vaginosis symptoms can be varied and not all women will get the same symptoms you may end up with all of very few noticable symtoms when you get BV. Some of these include. You will get a nasty vaginal discharge that is usually grayish in color althought can be any shade between dark gray and white. The discharge is usually but not always accompanied by a nasty odor. the odor is a musty or fishy odor. Another probable symptom is itching of the vagina, again some women will suffer this more than others and some will get no itching at all. If you do experience itching of any kind with your bacterial vaginosis then you will more than likely get a swelling of the vagina as well. Chronic sufferers can also get quite nasty stomach pain similar to menstrual cramps. Another symptom for chronic sufferers is burning during urination.

So if you are a chronic sufferer of bacterial vaginosis you will want to get it cleared up as soon as possible. So what are your options. So if you have these symptoms then the best bet is a trip to your local doctor. The doctor will normally prescribe a course of antibiotics, these will be taken for 5-7 days and you must remember to complete the whole course. Antibiotics will clear up bacterial vaginosis there is no question about that. The trouble is is the manor in which they do it. Basically bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis happens when there is an unbalance of the bacteria within the vagina the good bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus is over run by the bad bacteria gardnerella. So antibiotics kill all the bacteria within the vagina including the good bacteria, so this upsets the balance and when the antibiotics have finished there is a good chance of the BV returning. This happens often.

So what else can you do to combat bacterial vaginosis. Well there are a few things to help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria within the vagina. The easiest and best thing to start with is diet. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water. Its not rocket science but if you put good stuff in to your body you body will be in better shape to look after itself. So try to avoid processed foods, foods high in sugar and salt, fizzy drinks and coffee should be drunk in moderation.

Eating yogurt with live cultures will help build natural supplies of good bacteria lactobacillus. You can also take lactobacillus acidophilus supplements. You should try to avoid over washing the vagina, yest it is important to keep clean but don’t over do it. Letting the vagina breath is very important wearing tight underwear all day and getting hot is a breading ground for bacteria so when ever possible let the air get around your vagina.

So there are ways to beat of chronic bacterial vaginosis. May youo have goo dhealth always and good luck to you.

‘Chronic Bacterial Vaginitis’ can be treated with antibiotics but these will kill of the vaginas own good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria and will not stop the Bacterial Vaginitis coming back. You need to get smart with your body and build you own bodies natural bacteria balance. This can be done with probiotic drinks and natural yogurt amongst many other things. After suffering with recurrent bacterial vaginitis (BV) for over 3 years I eventually found a totally natural cure that did not involve any antibiotics or creams. If you have bacterial vaginitis for the first time or have had recurrent bacterial vaginitis for some time this is something you really should consider looking at Bacterial Vaginosis Help.


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