A normal healthy adult is not very likely to develop a yeast infection in the mouth or throat. It can happen, but usually there are other health issues, which make someone susceptible to them. Existing conditions include chemotherapy, a course of antibiotics for something else, or an immune deficiency due to a disease like AIDS.The level of the yeast infection causing micro-organism (Candida Albicans) is usually kept in check in all places in the body, including the throat, by the natural bacterial flora of the body. The yeast infection is caused by the overgrowth of candida in the throat, just like in any other part of the body. Click here for more info: candida albicans treatment.

Inside the mouth and throat, there may be white spots. Redness and swelling in the area are also common. A person may also feel tired, sick, or have a fever due to a throat yeast infection. The growth of fungus near the mouth can then spread to the throat, which is more common in babies. The condition can usually be diagnosed easily with an inspection of the throat. Other conditions, like strep throat, may show very similar signs. A scraping may be taken by the doctor for analysis to be certain of the diagnosis. For more info, click: yeast treatment.

Seeking advice from a doctor may be needed in extreme cases of throat yeast infection as it can be very hard to deal with. The application of apple cider vinegar can be a great help. It can be mixed in with some water and gargled a few times each day to tackle the candida. There are also some drinks, which can have apple cider vinegar added, or it may be put on salad. The balance of bacteria in the throat can also be restored with the help of sugar free yogurt. For adults, there are acidophilus capsules. Some prescription drugs also exist for the condition. Yeast infection in infants commonly disappears in less than 4 days quite easily.

If you are a nursing mother, an oral yeast infection in your baby can be cause for concern. Nursing can lead to a yeast infection in the nipple. If the nipple becomes infected, the signs are tenderness and flaky skin around the area as well as pain while nursing. Click here for more info: candida albicans treatment.

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