affadpic Will Baking Soda Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

Is baking soda a Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment There is a lot of talk about baking soda and its benifits to bacterial vaginosis sufferers. I may need more convincing on that one. First of all you have to understand what bacterial vaginosis is. bacterial vaginosis is an inflammation of the vagina caused by an inbalance of bacteria it is not an infection as many people think. When bad bacteria over runs the good bacteria within the vagina inflammation occurs.

Ok so what is the story with baking soda and bacterial vaginosis well its no wonder cure lets put it that way but it can help balance the bodies PH levels mixed with a little water far better is do this through a good healthy diet.

To maintain a healthy balance try to eat well, as obvious as it seems so many of us eat an unbalanced diet. Make sure you are getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables especially good quality green vegetables. try eating the live culture yogurt daily. I would recommend Activia for this but any yogurt with live cultures would probably do the same. Try taking acidophilus lactobacillus supplements you will be able to find them in most good health food stores and they are easy to take in pill form. Something from the health store that boosts up the immune system is olive leaf capsules and in my opion these are great.

Obviously try to keep clean get in a good habit with your cleaning routine and always wipe away from the anus. Another good tip is to get plenty of air to the vagina. To do this you could just go to bed without underwear or indeed if you are brave walk around the house naked. I would recommend that you do not douche as this also disrupts the vaginas own bacteria.

Finally a word on alcohol, a lot of people enjoy a drink I sure am one of them but too much alcohol can play havoc with your bodies PH levels and this alone can cause bacterial growth. So if your are having trouble with recurrent BV try giving the alcohol a break for a few weeks and see if you get ant improvement.

The trouble with antibiotics and bacterial vaginosis is that they only treat the symptoms and not the cause and will not stop the vaginitis returning. building up the bodies own natural bacterial balance is a smart thing to do. This can be done with probiotic drinks and natural yogurt amongst other things. After suffering with recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) for nearly 3 years I eventually found a totally natural cure that did not involve any antibiotics or creams. If you have bacterial vaginosis for the first time or have had recurrent bacterial vaginosis for some time this is something you really should consider looking at Bacterial Vaginosis Help – The 3 Day Cure.

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